About Us

 Front desk of a women's clothing boutique filled with stickers, gift bags, and multicolored ribbons


Although Boutique No. 443 is now established as one of Downtown Beaver’s most fashionable women’s clothing boutiques, it started with just two people looking for a better shopping experience. Disappointed with the lack of selection, quality, and personal touch they experienced at big-box stores and online retailers, sisters Diane and Nancy set out to create a better option. With a passion for people and fashion, they’re committed to bringing three key values to every person who shops at Boutique No. 443.

Unique, Quality Clothing

When you shop at Boutique No. 443, you’ll find hand-selected women’s clothing, accessories, and gift items that are unique to our store. Because we carry a smaller inventory, we’re able to refresh our products more frequently, ensuring you have access to the latest trends. 

Personal & Fun Shopping Experiences

Boutique No. 443 is a modern, contemporary space that invites you to discover something new every time you visit. We want you to feel comfortable and have fun while you search our store. Our friendly and fashion-forward staff will help you select pieces that complement your style, look for others that help you head in new directions, and find the perfect fit.

Affordable Prices

You don’t have to break the bank to dress stylishly. A fabulous wardrobe can be  achieved with any budget.  At Boutique No. 443, we’re committed to helping you select and pair the right items.